Rosie Lloyd-Giblett
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"Peeling Mask" by Rosie Lloyd-Giblett 2011



squeezed on the bus

red dust blowing in the window that has long been gone

big eyes peering at my white veneer

alone...but happy to be here....

long nights of myself

some days not liking it, my skin, my unchosen history 

have to be in my own skin

wish I could peel it off 

tap on the shoulder 

hello missus I see you today 

I smile that I am not too invisible today......

No fridge, a bucket to wash

how do I cook 

keep it simple 

They're looking at me 

what I eat, what I wear, what I say

I am just like you I think when they tell funny jokes in their language 

maybe they're laughing at me

you know I love to laugh too

it's none of my business what they think of me

Same time every day the same busy laden women walk past

these dignified women become my friends

greet me, they pat my shoulder, guide my arm to their home

sometimes bricks, sometimes earth and sticks to sit and be a part of something

Do they see my heart

I am missing being a part of somewhere

I am missing my family today

Peaceful and close to the earth

the beat is loud today can they hear it too.