Rosie Lloyd-Giblett
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"Grey Matters" artist statement 2013


Rosie Lloyd Giblett ‘Grey Matters’ artist statement Studio 4 Gallery 2013

I enjoy being a bit off center, unpredictable in my very predictable existence. Not unlike the tame elephant, I know my job, sometimes I just want to take a different path, my own sometimes…tethered to another is exhausting.


Looks like you are here to stay…you follow me, talk to me, push me, stretch me and once in a while love me. The elephant walks beside me wherever I go. Her skin warms mine and her ears listen. I am like the elephant. I want to caress the bones of my forebears, talk to them, translate life’s meaning and another’s destiny.


If only I could talk to my Grandparents, return to the simplicity of childhood, the outdoors and that feeling of totality, the wide open spaces breathing through me. I am at the crossroads in my life as an adult; I am responsible for the gift of love to my children. I must now become the messenger.


Giving love has become much more important than receiving it. I have become less worried about what people think of me, I have always had a sense of self but now it presses my heart.


Will my feet ever fill the footprints of the past…


I am transforming.