Rosie Lloyd-Giblett
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Floor talk notes and information "Bones and Bouquets", July 2013.

Where did the inspiration come from?

- The inspiration comes from childhood memories of growing up on a cattle property in Western Queensland. I was exposed to many animal bones, I am awe of bones and their beauty. On the farm there was the graveyard for the beasts, and the scrub near the house had hours of adventure and fossiking for my brother and I.

We spent hours tracking animals following the paths through to somewhere.... we didn't care if it was into the gully or over the cultivation. We had the day and of course we had our dog with us.

These bones that we came upon were not for kicking, we would walk around them and even sit for a while. Bones should be respected and viewed as a memory.

- I respect the landscape it is important to me - we need to take time to be quiet in the landscape. Many artists and authors refer the peace and sanity a landscape can give us. We only have to let it!

What is the Deeper meaning of the bones?

Bones are placed on the land and they become it............ is it reincarnation?

Does the bone become a rock or something else?

The earth is not brown dust for just digging and discarding into piles of waste. It is alive and constantly gathering nutrients and transferring them into the next life. Don't You feel sometimes when you visit a place that you have been there before?


I love Gathering bundles of flora for rememberance. Flowers are a symbol of love, respect and remembering. They don't have to be from a florist but the native flora in the groundcover makes a beautiful bouquet. Give me the debris anyday! Of course I am Rosemary for Rememberance! Tree limbs decompose and become fossil like in the gully. They are part of the life cycle that we constantly walk through, in and around. No need to trample and kick aside.